Are you a talented space pilot? Then your skills are needed at the helm of the After Glow. Only a top-notch pilot can guide the ship through the complex space mazes and pick up the special power orbs. Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys to move the ship as quickly as you can. The lower your time, the better your score. Lose points if you hit a wall, and lose your ship if you hit an electrical charge or a gravity well. Pass through 5 levels. Can you become the champion pilot of the After Glow?Instructions Trapped in an ancient alien space pilot training facility, you must use your skills to maneuver your spacecraft out of each area without getting destroyed. The faster you are, the better.

What is After Glow actually?

Afterglow is a broad high arch of whitish or rosy light appearing in the sky due to very fine particles of dust suspended in the high regions of the atmosphere. The high-energy and high-frequency light is scattered out the most and the remaining low-energy, low-frequency reaches the observer in the horizon at twilight. This period of time is referred to as the blue hour and is widely treasured by photographers and painters as it offers breathtaking imagery. The afterglow persists till the earth's shadow (terminator line) takes over the sky of the observer as nightfall and the stars appear, with planet Venus being the brightest star visible in the night sky just opposite to the Belt of Venus at the anti-solar point.


  • Become a space pilot
  • 5 levels to master
  • Can you collect all the orbs?


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